Fotos: Bernadette Mergaerts, Sabine Mai

Dance Courses

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden offers children the opportunity to gain first experiences in dancing and to spend their free time in a creative way. The programme is organised by PUCK - Kindertanzklassen of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden e.V.

The children are divided according to their age. In addition, the educator can recommend a different dance class to the child's parents.

For information on PUCK and the course offer, please visit



Studio Palucca
Basteiplatz 4, 01277 Dresden, Room 4 in the basement of the new building

Studio 20
Lohrmannstraße 20, 01237 Dresden, House 2, Room 1 on the ground floor, Room 2 in the attic




Elena Gruß
Chairwoman and artistic management of the PUCK dance classes for children in the Palucca University of Dance Dresden e.V.

email: kontakt(at)