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ERASMUS+ 2014/2015 - 2020/2021

ERASMUS is the financial aid programme of the European Union for transnational cooperation in the area of education. The goal of the ERASMUS programme is to support the development of the European university education and the mobility of students and lecturers.

Palucca University of Dance Dresden has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) for the period 2014/2015 - 2020/2021 by the European Commission, which is a prerequisite for higher education institutions to participate in the Erasmus+programme.

More information about this EU Programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport can be found here.

Erasmus+ Grant

The European Commission in conjunction with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provide an Erasmus grant for participating students (or graduates)  to help with the cost of living abroad. The Erasmus grant will not cover all of your costs of being abroad, it is intended as a contribution towards your living costs.

Grant Rates are set annually by the sending institution each year and the rates for 2015/2016 have not yet been announced. The rate you receive will be based on a number of criteria including:
•    The duration of your stay abroad
•    Your destination country
•    If you are doing a study or a work placement

Additional funding (special needs support) is available for students with disabilities wishing to undertake a placement. The additional funding is to support additional costs incurred in taking a placement abroad that cannot be recovered from other sources. The grant covers actual costs. If you believe you would be eligible for this funding, please contact the Erasmus-coordinator.

The grant is usually paid in two instalments, at least 70% after a certificate of arrival has been sent to the Erasmus Co-ordinator and the remainder at the end of the period abroad after the student (or graduate) has submitted their final report.

What does ERASMUS offer the students / graduates?

  • Exoneration from host university tuition
  • Academic recognition of credits earned abroad by the home institution, generally through participation in the European system for the crediting of course achievements (ECTS)
  • Mobile financial aid to balance out a portion of the additional costs while abroad
  • Subject-related and linguistic support in preparation for the residency abroad and support from the host university regarding accommodations, cultural offerings etc.

Student and Graduate Mobility

Under the scheme students have 2 options::

  • a study period at a partner Higher Education Institution in one of the ERASMUS Programme countries lasting between 3 and 12 months (including a complementary traineeship period, if planned) (SMS)
  • a traineeship (work placement) in an enterprise or any other relevant workplace in one of the ERASMUS Programme countries lasting between 2 and 12 months (SMP)

Additionally recent higher education graduates may participate in

  • a traineeship in an enterprise or any other relevant workplace in one of the ERASMUS Programme countries lasting between 2 and 12 months (SMP).

Internships with ERASMUS

ERASMUS Internships (combined with the ERASMUS Study Programme)

Internships, which directly follow an ERASMUS study abroad, can qualify for financial aid as part of an ERASMUS study programme.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The internship immediately follows a (at a minimum) 3-month ERASMUS study abroad
  • The duration of the aid for studies and internship is max. 12 months (however max. up to Sept. 30 of the year)
  • Submission of an informal request with information regarding the type of internship (obligatory/voluntary internship), name of the internship institution, duration, work/task description and confirmation from the internship institution

ERASMUS Internships (independent of the ERASMUS Study Programme) SMP

The ERASMUS Programme also subsidises international internships within Europe. In addition to the 12 month financial aid for ERASMUS studies, up to 12 months financial aid can be granted for ERASMUS internships.

Terms and conditions for the aid include (among others):

  • The internship must last at least 3 and a maximum of 12 months
  • Internships in companies of all types are supported, with the exception of EU Institutions and organizations that coordinate EU programmes
  • An internship contract is signed between the university and recipient institution

Eligible Participants

In order for students to receive aid from the ERASMUS Programme, the following criteria must be met:


  • Full-time student status at the Palucca University of Dance (SMS + SMP)
  • At least 2 semesters of study completed (Bachelor programme) (SMS)
  • The same student may receive grants for mobility periods totaling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study (1st study c ycle: Bacehlor or equivalent, including the short cycle (EQF levels 5 and 6); 2nd study cycle (master or equivalent – EQF level 7); 3rd cycle as doctoral candidate (doctoral level or EQF level 8) , independently from the number and type of mobility activities (SMS + SMP)
  • At least basic language skills in the instruction language of the partner university or receiving institution (SMS + SMP)
  • Language skills of the host country are beneficial (SMS + SMP)
  • Study and work placements represent an integral part of the course of study at the home university. This means that before going abroad, a so-called Learning Agreement (course scheme) must be created with the responsible advisor at the home and host instuituions (SMS + SMP)
  • A valid bilateral ERASMUS agreement must be in place for the respective year of study (SMS)

Graduates (SMP)

Recent higher education graduates:

  • must be selected by their HEI during their last year of study and
  • they must carry out and complete their traineeship abroad within one year of obtaining their graduation.


The Rector’s Office/ERASMUS Coordinator processes the organisation of and application for the ERASMUS exchange.

Application Deadline

Applications must be filed with the employees of the Rector’s Office/Erasmus Coordinator by the end of the preceding Winter Semester. Applications filed later can only be allotted if remaining scholarship funds are still available.

Accepted - now what?

Admission to the Partner University

Following a successful bid to apply for admission at a partner university (and after requests are made to relevant providers for student accommodation, language courses, etc. - students may need a letter of acceptance from the partner university to make such requests), the partner university  will once more evaluate  students` suitability for admission  to their respective study programs. The nomination made by Palucca University therefore offers no guaranteed admission to the partner university.

Mobile Financial Aid

  • The duration of the aid is between 3 to 12 months.
  • The amount of the mobile aid is calculated based on the entire budget and the entire number of participants in the respective university year.
  • Mobile financial aid can only be approved for one year of study.
  • As part of the ERASMUS programme, internships are only subsidised if they are linked to a (at least) three month long study abroad before or after the internship and are recognised as fixed components of the course of study by the home university.

International BAföG (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz – Federal Educational Aid Law)

BAföG beneficiaries should apply for foreign financial aid at the appropriate agency (depending on the target country) on time (at least 6 months before the start of your stay abroad). Since the BAföG amendment from 2001 and the corresponding adjustments to the administrative provisions, which were also published in writing in December 2001, EU grants need not be deducted from BAföG.