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Programme Overview

Erasmus+ is the European Union’s programme for education, youth and sport. Erasmus+ combines the current EU programme for lifelong learning, youth and sport and the European cooperation programme in the higher education sector.

The follow mobility schemes are promoted under the title of the EU Erasmus+ education programme in the higher education sector:

  • Study abroad for students
  • Internships abroad for students
  • Mobility of teachers
  • Mobility of staff

Subsidies are awarded by the national agencies in the 33 programme countries (all EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein, former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Norway and Turkey). In Germany, this is the task of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 

Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst
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53115 Bonn

Phone: +49(0)228/882-8877
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ERASMUS+ - Programme at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden was awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) by the European Commission for the period 2014 to 2021. This is an important requirement for European universities in order to be able to participate in the Erasmus+ programme.

With reservation of the allocation of funds by the European Commission, regularly admitted students of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden can apply for an Erasmus+ fund for study visits and internships abroad in Europe.

Study visit to an ERASMUS partner university


• 3-12 month stays abroad at a partner university in Europe
• Exemption from tuition fees at the partner university
• Academic recognition of academic performance abroad by the Palucca University
• Mobility allowance in compensation for a portion of the additional costs during the stay abroad (approx. 150 - 500 EUR per month depending on country of stay and availability of existing funds)
• Support for subject-related and language-based preparation for the stay abroad and help from the guest university with accommodation, cultural offerings, etc.

Application requirements

• Regular admission at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden
• Completion of first year of study
• Study visit at a partner university which has an ERASMUS Cooperation agreement (inter-institutional agreement) with the Palucca University of Dance Dresden
• Guest university has a valid ERASMUS university charter (ECHE)

An application for an ERASMUS study visit occurs via a two-stage process

1. Application for an ERASMUS fund at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden by the appropriate internal application deadlines

2. Following nomination by the Palucca University, an application for a study place at the desired partner university is made.

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden has agreements regarding an ERASMUS exchange with the following European partner universities. Other cooperations are also possible.

Please consult the partner universities’ websites regarding the available courses of study and lectures, and admissions requirements, language requirements and application deadlines.

Internship abroad in Europe


  • Internships are possible for students and graduates, provided that the internship occurs within a year of completion of study at the Palucca University and an application has been submitted beforehand
  • The duration of the ERASMUS internship may be a minimum of 2 months, and a maximum of 12 months
  • All EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein, the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Norway and Turkey are possible countries of destination 
  • ERASMUS interns receive a mobility allowance in compensation for a portion of the additional costs during the stay abroad (approx. 150-500 EUR per month depending on country of destination and availability of available funds)
  • The internship is organised by the students themselves, they only apply to the Palucca University of Dance Dresden for financial support as part of the ERASMUS+ programme.

Application requirements

  • Confirmation of internship is present in eligible institution
  • Internships are not possible in European institutions or organisations, national diplomatic agencies and organisations which manage EU programmes

Internships with ERASMUS

ERASMUS internships (combined with ERASMUS study)

Internships which are rendered directly following ERASMUS study abroad can be funded as ERASMUS study abroad

The following conditions apply:

  • The internship must be part of a minimum 3-month long ERASMUS stay
  • The funding for studies and internships amounts overall to a maximum of 12 months (but max. until 30/09 of the year)
  • Submission of an informal application detailing the type of internship (mandatory/voluntary), name of internship institution, duration, description of job and confirmation by the internship institution

ERASMUS internship (independent of ERASMUS studies) SMP

The ERASMUS programme also promotes internships abroad in Europe. In addition to the 12 months of support for ERASMUS studies, up to 12 months of support are also possible for ERASMUS internships.

Conditions for support are, among others:

  • The internship lasts min. 3 to max. 12 months
  • Internships at all kinds of companies are supported, excluding EU institutions and organisations with coordinate EU programmes
  • There is an internship contract between the university and the relevant institution

Application deadlines for the academic year 2017/2018

The application deadline for an ERASMUS study visit is February, 28th 2017. Applications can be submitted for an ERASMUS internship up to April, 28th 2017.

Applications submitted after this date can only be approved where funds are still available.

Contact and further information

Jessica Gründel
Raum A 118
E-Mail: international(at)
Telefon: 0351 25906 – 49

Accepted - now what?

ERASMUS study visits

Other procedures in the ERASMUS+ Programme

After being nominated by the Palucca University of Dance Dresden for an ERASMUS study visit, you must apply to your guest university of choice. Please note the application deadlines and the required application documents which differ between universities. Late or incomplete applications may not be considered.

The guest university will check the suitability of the candidates for their programme of study. Nomination by the Palucca University is therefore no guarantee of approval by the guest university. The application also includes the learning agreement for your ERASMUS stay, the Learning Agreement for Studies.

Following approval by the partner university and the signing of the Learning Agreement, you will receive the grant agreement from the Palucca University, which lists your rights and responsibilities as a participant in the ERASMUS+ programme and the exact amount and payment methods of the stipend.

 All participants in the Erasmus programmes are obligated to take an online language test in their language of study at the guest university prior to their stay. Depending on the test result, there is the possibly of participating in an online language course in order to improve their language ability. Following the end of the stay, a second language test must be taken to evaluate the student’s improvement in their foreign language. 

 Following the end of the ERASMUS study visit, all participants are obligated to compile a report on the Mobility Tool Plus and submit this together with corresponding proof of their completed ERASMUS study (including proof of duration of stay).

Recognition of Academic Performance/ ECTS

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) allows for the recognition of studies completed abroad. Academic and examination performances are assessed by the allocation of credits according to a uniform Europe-wide system. Together with the leader of the study programme responsible at the Palucca University and the technical coordinator of your guest university, you develop a study plan (Learning Agreement for Studies) prior to your visit abroad, which specifies the required lectures and the number of credits you are required to achieve.
Recognition of academic performance by means of ECTS does not occur automatically however. For later recognition of your academic performance abroad, you should therefore note the following:

Following your return, please visit the department for studies, examinations and academic issues in order to apply for recognition of your studies abroad. For this purpose, please provide a relevant application to the board examiners and attach the transcript of records from your guest university. If possible, please also submit detailed course descriptions to the board of examiners to serve as proof of the content of the lectures you have attended.

Liability clause

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