Photos: Erik Groß, Andreas Siegel


Most Important Dates:


>>> 4th Alumni Day: 14th March 2020 (Registration still open as per 18/02/2020)

>>>Stunde des Tanzes at Boulevardtheater Dresden in collaboration with DRESDNER SCHULKONZERTE | April 2nd 2020 at 11am | Tickets via Dresdner Schulkonzerte with event number "Nr. 1920 7-12A" or at the box office in the theatre from 10:15 a.m.

>>> Guest Performances at Hungarian Dance Academy in the course of Youth Dance Festival and at National Dance Theatre Budapest in the course of Budapest Spring Festival, Hungary: April 4th-8th 2020

>>>Guest performance at Divadlo na Vinohradech in Prag, Czech Republic |April 26th 2020 

>>>Participation at the Assemblee Internationale 2020 in Toronto, Canada | May 2nd - 9th 2020 

>>>Participation at the 7th BallettBenefizGala at Opernhaus of the Theater Chemnitz |May 29th (7pm) 

>>>3rd year's students of BA Dance Programme present their final works | June 12th and 13th 2020

>>>Matinee of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden at Semperoper Dresden | July 12th 2020 (4pm)  

>>>Tanzwoche Hiddensee: 18th July - 25th July 2020

>>>Tanzwoche Sylt: 26th July - 1st August 2020

Workshop and Training courses 2020

>>>Easter Dance @ Palucca: 14th April - 18th April 2020