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>>> Unfortunately, we have to cancel our Open Door Day (10.10.2020) due to the Corona pandemic.

>>> 2nd of July 20202 - Premiere of the new image video: Students of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden are presenting their Secondary School and campus, see Further information in the press release from 2nd July (in german language)


Important information for topical reasons (COVID-19)

9th October 2020 - Coronavirus Newsletter XXII

15th September 2020 - Coronavirus Newsletter XXI

28th August 2020 - Coronavirus Newsletter XX

31st July 2020 - Coronavirus Newsletter XIX

30th June 2020 - Coronavirus Newsletter XVIII

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30th May 2020 - Coronavirus Newsletter XVI

All announcements by the Crisis Management Team of the Palucca University of Dance Dresden since 9th March 2020 could be found within the media information.

2nd May 2020 - Update from the Master Study Programme Dance Teacher

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