This year’s BA Final Presentation will be presented on June 12 and 13, 2020, for a university in-house audience in the Grüner Saal at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden - in these special times in a special setting! In team and solo choreographies, the BA Dance graduating class takes us with them on a very unique journey.

Through the watchful eyes of a taxi driver, 15 entertaining stories are told - each of them as different and unique as the passengers themselves. The stories are about strange unusual encounters, loneliness, affinity, and trust. Some of them inspire reflection, some are humorous, some are magical. And maybe the driver sometimes perceives more than one might think....

A recording of the in-house performances on June 12 and 13, 2020 is online till 14th July 2020 on the university’s-Vimeo-channel: An album with photos is posted in the Facebook chronicle of the university, see, (c) Ida Zenna. 

We are thrilled about our BA graduates’ creativity this year and we wish our future alumni successful BA Final Presentations. 

[Text excerpts (above) from Palucca Alumni Newsletter 06/2020]

A short trailer, which a student produced on her own, offers an insight into the bachelor theses (published on Facebook and Instagram, among others with hashtag #TAXI2020): On the social media channels of the university (Instagram, Facebook) all students of the class are portrayed. The following roadmap (copyright: Vid Vugrines/Joan Ivars Ribes) offers an overview of the program: 

A digital version of the booklet could be found here:

TAXI - Präsentation der Bachelorarbeiten im Studiengang Tanz 2020 (Plakat)