Information from the Crisis Management Team

Corona Newsletter 17 from 15th June 2020

Dear All,

We are starting as usual: we hope this finds you all healthy and taking your precautions.

On Tuesday after the Pentecost holidays we were happy to welcome the youngest members of the Palucca Family back on Campus, the students of the classes O1 and O2. The return to Secondary School and to the dance studios went smoothly and without any problems.

We are continuing on a very reduced and staggered schedule in mini-groups. Classes, dance trainings and exams are taking place. The exams of the class N4 for their Secondary School Certificate have been administered successfully as well as part of the BA Dance Programme exams.

According to the present Corona-Directives of the Free State of Saxony handing in a student health statement reaffirmed every day to the Secondary School is no longer mandatory. The Secondary School has informed the parents of the O- and N-classes accordingly and has explained the present health and safety regulations by separate mailing.

The following rules as to wearing face masks inside the campus building and in dance classes continue to apply unmodified. All students have to wear their masks until the respective dance teacher has placed them in the studio and allows them to take off their masks. Without face masks all students are under strict supervision of the respective dance teacher as to keeping distance. Right before the class is about to end all will be advised by a respective announcement to take on their face masks again and then leave the studio. The full responsibility that all students comply with the rules of social distancing and of wearing face masks lies with the respective dance teacher.

The BA works, the choreographies of our BA graduates, were presented in our performance studio (Grüner Saal) five times for a limited university in-house audience, only students and staff of Palucca University of Dance Dresden could attend. A run through and costume rehearsal as well as the premiere and two additional presentations – all performances were a great success and the audience was impressed by the creativity and versatility of the graduates. According to the very limited number of tickets for every performance not everybody was able to attend. But as you know the BA Works were filmed and will be online on our Vimeo Channel this week. That way everyone gets the chance to watch the BA Works online.

The preparations for the Dance Film for our Matinée 2020 are developing well. We are planning to have all choreographies filmed by July 05, 2020, there will be some major filming times scheduled as of now for Friday/Saturday, June 19/20 and 26/27, 2020 as well as for July 03/04, 2020. More information is about to be published. The Dance Film Matinée 2020 will be online for one month on our Vimeo Channel as of July 15/16, 2020. 

This year there will be separate and small-scale graduation ceremonies for the Study Programmes. According to the current regulations the university is allowed to organize graduation ceremonies within its autonomous responsibility based on the health and safety regulations and an appropriate hygiene concept. At present the graduation ceremony for BAT 3 and Apprentices is planned for July 07, 2020, the one for the N4 students on July 17, 2020 - with the participation of parents/family members. Both ceremonies will take place outside in the garden area (there will be a plan for an indoor alternative due to the weather on the respective days) . Details will be forwarded soon.

For the students of O1 up to N4 classes will run regularly and as planned until July 17, 2020. For the students of the BA Dance Programme as well as the guest students N4 and the Apprentices classes and trainings will be optional as of July 07, 2020. Unfortunately, at present our team hike (Wandertag) on July 13, 2020 for all staff members of the University and the Secondary School cannot take place as planned. As to possible options and alternatives there will be more information soon.

The start of the winter semester 2020/2021 will be August 31, 2020. The last two weeks of the summer holidays (August 17-29, 2020 – the time the International Ballet Summer School Dresden was originally planned for) there will be an optional inhouse workshop (replacing the Easter Dance@Palucca Workshop that had to be cancelled) for students. As the exams of the MA Dance Teacher Study Programme are depending upon the workshop, students have to confirm their presence. Please note that the Palucca Dormitory will be closed for the time of the summer holidays. The Head of Dance Teacher Programmes will soon send out further information to students and parents.

The Administration has been increasing their office presence to a certain extent lately. There still are no office/consultation hours. We would like to ask you to contact the staff members by phone, via Skype or by mail. In cases of absolute necessity for personal consultations, please get in touch by mail before setting up an individual appointment. 

Even if the present Corona-Directives of the Free State saw a relaxing of regulations in some areas and the scope of action was extended and therefore allows us some more flexibility, the main objectives still are: to minimize contact in person, to keep the physical distance of 1,50 meters at minimum, to wear the face masks as defined and to abide by the general hygiene regulations. We would like to once again appeal to everybody to alertly observe these regulations to stop the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 from spreading. We thank all of you for your solidarity, discipline and patience.

Best regards, 

Your Crisis Management Team

Prof. Jason Beechey, Dr. Claudia Schlüter, OSR Bernd Hähnel, Jörg Schotte (Health & Safety Officer)