Photos: Costin Radu, Bettina Stöß

Degree Programmes

Artistic Master Class Programme


The Master Class is an individual course of study in the areas of Ballet, Choreography or Dance Education, which is bound to a university instructor from the Palucca University of Dance Dresden as a mentor.

It is targeted at dancers, choreographers and dance instructors, who are graduates of a dance university.  The internal Board of Examiners (Master Class Committee) at the Palucca University decides admission to the Master Class Programme.


Studying in the artistic Master Class deepens the artistic practical capabilities and skills, and serves to facilitate project for artistic development.

The study programme is created individually for each student from the disciplines taught at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, including Stage Dance, Choreography and Dance Education. The scope of teaching can be supplemented through partnerships, i.e. with other academies and universities.

In the individual study programme, the type and scope of the planned learning activities are managed, and the required achievements in dance, choreography, education or science defined.

A Master Class Commission, appointed by the university’s Academic Senate, approves the individual study programme.


Traineeship (Internship)

After completion of the second semester, students are required to provide limited services as a trainee.

The assigned job cannot exceed five semester weekly hours per semester. Contents and development of traineeships are part of the individual study programme. They are to be devised so that they contribute to the deepening of the student’s the artistic, practical as well as artistic, scientific capabilities.


Methods of Learning

The individual study programme is a result of the suitability to the individual study goal using the following methods of learning:

As a participant:

  • Practically instructed
  • Production
  • Lectures
  • Seminars

As a leader/practitioner:

  • Contribution to performances at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden
  • Choreographic production
  • Teaching activity


The normal duration of studies, including the examination period, is four semesters.


The course of study ends with the master class exams.