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«The Palucca University of Dance is the perfect place to find out which dance genre I feel at home in and would like to work in later on.»

Madoka Kariya | BAT3


The Palucca University of Dance Dresden offers an interdisciplinary education in the Bachelor of the Arts Degree Programmme “Dance” and in the Masters Degree Programs, “Dance Education” and “Choreography.” Interdisciplinary projects carried out on a cooperative basis, coupled with lifelong learning, forms the most important basis for the entire education.

Dance education at the Palucca University begins at the age of ten and includes comprehensive schooling. At the centre of the interdisciplinary course of studies is the development of a creative, autonomous dancer, somebody who can bring their own contribution to various professional situations and artistic processes. Instruction focuses on Ballet, Contemporary/Modern Dance and Improvisation, all of which are given equal importance.

Palucca Hochschule
für Tanz Dresden

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01277 Dresden

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