Photos: Bettina Stöß


Degree Programmes

Orientation Classes

The 5th and 6th years at the Palucca University are Orientation Classes, which focus on artistic profile/dance. They prepare students to receive their secondary school diploma and for admission to the Talented Youth Advanced Classes.

Dance training is conducted in addition to the national curriculum. The orientation for years 5 and 6 currently include ten lessons per week, 45 minutes each (five hours Ballet, five hours Dance/Technique/Improvisation, Folklore, Rhythm etc.).

A lead instructor is assigned to the area of dance for the supervision of the artistic, practical training. The students are integrated into the artistic life at the Palucca University early on. They take part, in small measure, in academy performances, in the annual Student Workshop, as well as in our open house day.



  • Classical Dance
  • Dance/Technique/Improvisation (TTI)
  • Folk Dance
  • Performance Opportunities

Dance Schedule

  O1 O2
Ballet 10 10
Folk Dance 1 1,3
Dance/Technique/Improvisation 3 3