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Pointe Shoes Sponsorship

Palucca e.V. is seeking sponsors for pointe shoes

Dancing en pointe is a very special step for the female students at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. Pointe is typically introduced at the age of 11 or 12, and for many marks the transition from little girl to great dancer. However, years of dance practice and foot training are necessary before a dancer can achieve the floating and graceful en pointe dancing of the prima ballerinas.

Apart from having strong feet, the most important prerequisite for dancing en pointe is having the right shoes.

One pair of pointe shoes costs approximately 50 euros. In the first year of the Bachelor in Dance programme, a student will dance her way through three to four pairs of shoes per month. Even the younger dancers will need several pairs of pointe shoes per semester.  Proper footwear, therefore, can be very difficult for some students to afford. The Palucca University’s Friends Association, Palucca e.V., is seeking pointe shoe sponsors. If you would like to help, a donation of 50 euros buys one pair of pointe shoes for a Palucca student. Pointe shoe sponsors receive a smart badge and a certificate as a thank-you for the donation (as well as a reciept for tax deduction).

Palucca pupils begin to prepare for dancing en pointe at about 12 years old. At the same time, students strength train and study technique, as well as learn how to tie and care for pointe shoes. After about six months’ preparation, the pupils begin dancing en pointe. Students never dance en pointe for an entire class.