Palucca University



The rectorate heads the university, manages its business and is responsible for order being maintained at the university. The rectorate promotes the internal and external development of the university in line with the times. The Rector is the chair of the rectorate; the Vice-Rectors and the Chancellor are also members.


  • Prof. Jason Beechey, Rektor (Chair)
  • Prof. Marc Boermans, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Prof. Anke Glasow, Vice-Rector for Artistic Affairs
  • Dr. Claudia Schlüter, Chancellor


The senate comprises elected representatives of the member groups (university professors, academic and artistic assistant staff, students and other staff) of the university. The Rector, the Vice-Rectors, the Chancellor, the equal opportunity commissioner and the Secondary School Rector are advisory members.

The senate is responsible for fundamental academic affairs. Its tasks include decision-making on university regulations, giving statements on all academic and artistic affairs, making decisions on the principles of teaching, art and promotion of young talents as well as formulating the organisational principles for teaching and study operation.


Chair (advisory member)Prof. Jason Beechey, Rector
  • Prof. Rita Aozane Bilibio
  • Prof. Katharina Christl
  • Prof. Olga Melnikova
  • Prof. Fernando Coelho
Academic staffFelicitas Rost
Other staffBettina Müller-Mach
Student representativeJonathan Reimann
Advisory members
  • Prof. Marc Boermans, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Prof. Anke Glasow, Vice-Rector for Artistic Affairs
  • Bernd Hähnel, Secondary School Rector
  • Dr. Claudia Schlüter, Chancellor
  • Felicitas Rost, Equal Opportunity Commissioners

Advisory Board

The advisory board consists of six independent persons who have years of experience in science, business, culture or administration. The members of the advisory board are proposed by the Rector in consultation with the senate and appointed by the Saxony State Ministry for Science and Art for a period of five years. The advisory board states its position on all important planning issues, fundamental organisational decisions and significant investments relating to the university development.


  • Adoplhe Binder
  • Apl. Prof. Ingrid Borchardt
  • Dieter Jaenicke
  • Samuel Wuersten
  • Aaron Watkin
  • Prof. Dr. Horst-Peter Götting

Master Class Commission

The master class commission is appointed by the Senate and comprises professors, academic staff and a student representative. The master class commission decides on entrance and admissions to the Master Class programme. It is also involved in the enactment of study regulations and admissions regulations for the master classes and the individual study planning of master class students.


  • Prof. Rita Aozane-Bilibio
  • Prof. Anke Glasow
  • Prof. Marc Boermans
  • Angela Rannow
  • Angelika Forner
  • Alderya Avci

Examination Board

The Examination Board comprises the Rector as Chairperson, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs as Deputy Chairperson, the Heads of the study programmes, an academic member of the staff and a student. The Rector, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and the Heads of the study programmes shall be a part of the Examination Board ex officio. The academic member of the staff and the student shall be appointed by the Rector on recommendation by the Senate.

  • Prof. Jason Beechey, Rector  and Head of the Dance Training programme (Chair)
  • Prof. Marc Boermans, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
  • Prof. Fernando Coelho, Head of the Dance Teacher programme
  • Prof. Katharina Christl, Head of the Choreography programme
  • Angela Rannow, Academic staff
  • Aleksandrs Baldiskins, student

Evaluation Commission

The evaluation commission comprises the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, the heads of the study programmes and two student members elected by the Senate. The evaluation commission is formed to prepare and carry out the evaluation of study programmes and teaching. The evaluation is intended to improve the quality of study programmes and teaching.


  • Prof. Marc Boermans, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs (Chair)
  • Prof. Katharina Christl, Head of the Choreography programme
  • Prof. Fernando Coelho, Head of the Dance Teaching programme
  • Prof. Jason Beechey, Head of the Dance Training Programme
  • Olivia Jane Mitchell, Student member



Staff Council

The staff council is elected by the university staff. It represents the interests of university staff and is involved in various decision-making processes.


  • Jessica Gründel (Chair)
  • Angela Rannow (Deputy Chair)
  • Jörg Schotte
  • Maria Schreiber
  • Jana Reh



Student Council

The students at the university are involved in the university’s self-administration and appoint the student council as their representatives for this function. In particular, the council’s tasks include representing the student’s interests in matters of university politics, internal university matters and social and cultural matters.


  • Jasmin Arndt
  • Angelica Bistarelli
  • Martha Eckl-Lindenberg
  • Anna Kohlen
  • Giselle Marie Steuer


E-Mail: studentenrat(at)

Equal Opportunity Commissioners

The senate elects an equal opportunity commissioner and a deputy to ensure equal opportunities for men and women and to avoid disadvantages for members of the university and those affiliated with it.

  • Felicitas Rost

Security Commissioner

The security commissioner is appointed by the senate and has the task of supporting the university in implementing measures to prevent work-related accidents and illnesses.

  • Jörg Schotte

Data Protection Officer

The data protection officer appointed by the Chancellor monitors compliance with data protection regulations (BDSG, DSGVO, SächsDSG) at our university.

  • Susanne Lehnhardt