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Body Awareness Coach

The Body Awareness Coach has responsibility for the students’ welfare from auditioning through to graduation. In addition to the other aspects of the Health Team (Physiotherapy and Nutritional Counselling) he offers the following:

  • Guidance to the commissions for auditioning where necessary
  • Screening: All Students are given an individual yearly examination by the Body Awareness Coach. This gives the Student, his/her teachers and the Health Team vital information about the Students’ development and bodily condition. Based on this material, individualized daily work programmes are worked out between the Body Awareness Coach and the Student to maximize development and to minimize any risk of injury.
  • Rehabilitation: The Body Awareness Coach trains all injured Students, individually or in small groups, improving strength and conditioning during periods when an injury requires a rest from dance classes. Without placing the injured body part under any strain, all other areas vital for a dancer’s physical wellbeing are trained and maintained. Close cooperation with the Physiotherapist as well as confidential communication with specialist doctors in an extended network ensures an optimal rehabilitation and regeneration – for a safe and full return to dance classes.
  • Coaching: Similar to Rehabilitation work, students have the opportunity to work on specific areas requiring improvement with the Body Awareness Coach. Times are arranged individually according to timetable limitations. Goals are greater physical awareness, increased strength, Core stability, toning and muscle coordination. Elements from Pilates and Yoga are applied and combined with classic Sport Physiotherapy methods of training to give every student maximum benefit.
  • Education: The Body Awareness Coach gives Anatomy/Dance Medicine lessons to the BAT1 students, leading to a deepened understanding of the body and its functions. All BAT1 students must pass a written examination as part of their BAT1 Assessments. Other classes receive regular lessons on Body Awareness themes, or topics related to their dance classes. A close cooperation with dance staff ensures that relevant themes are addressed to enable optimal development. A close link between anatomical knowledge and a highly developed awareness of physical movement is the ultimate goal.
  • Injury Statistics: In able to give regular feedback to students and staff about the current injury situations it is essential to keep accurate injury statistics. The Physiotherapist maintains records, which are then interpreted by the Body Awareness Coach who presents the results in the form of understandable diagrams and figures.
  • Representative for Inclusion: Inclusion is not just a UN –Directive, it is an area hugely important to 21st Century society. Although we at Palucca are doing all we can to make the University and its’ functioning barrier-free, we have to simultaneously maintain the highest international standards of achievement by our students. This involves a rigorous auditioning procedure, which naturally will select very talented non-disabled students. At present it is not on the University’s agenda to introduce plans for adapting courses to include people with disabilities.

All services provided by the Health Team are free for our students.


Matthew Squire 

Telefon: +49 (0)351 25906-65

information in case of physical injury