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The products shown here can only be purchased directly at the Palucca University or via E-Mail through the friends association Palucca e.V.. Therefor please contact

The T-Shirts are also available at the dance and ballet shop La Dance from Frau Carola Vogt (Grüne Straße 19, 01067 Dresden) or Wednesdays at the Palucca University.

Postcard Album

30 Postcards,
published to mark the 85th anniversary of the Palucca Schule Dresden

5,00 €


with Palucca signature

1,50 €


white or black

1,00 €


with Palucca signature

2,00 €


brown, olive, green or anthracite

18,00 €

Notebook with Biro

brown, blue or red

5,00 €

Sweatshirt Jacket

grey, bordeaux, dark blue, white,
Size as ordered

40,00 € (for university members 35,00 €)


uni in black, white or olive-green; lady in black, white, light blue or apple-green; kids in black, white and partly in light blue

15,00 €