Germany Scholarship (Palucca-Stipendium)

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden is able to award "Deutschland-Stipendien" (Germany Scholarships) every year to gifted students who show the promise of excellence in their studies or professional career or who have already demonstrated exceptional achievements. The scholarships are awarded under the proviso, that public or private scholarship funds are available.

Application and selection procedure

The scholarship is awarded by the University on individual application following a selection procedure.

Applicants have to:

  1. fulfil the usual conditions required for study
  2. be  conventionally enrolled
  3. have already completed the first examinations

The rectorate is responsible for selecting the scholarship winners.

Selection criteria

  • Achievements in studies so far, including evidence such as the module grades, ECTS points or grades in subject exams
  • A consistently committed approach to studies, confirmed by the subject teachers
  • Development potential, confirmed by the subject teachers
  • Personality, creativity and originality, assessed by the subject teachers
  • Particular successes, awards and prizes
  • Commitment to their subject above and beyond the teaching classes which can be demonstrated by attendance at relevant subject-specific university events
  • Activities outside school or the usual subjects, such as involvement in a voluntary activity or in the community, society, university politics or politics
  • Social involvement within the university, e.g. supporting fellow students or university events
  • Particular personal or family circumstances such as illness or handicap, caring for his/her own children, especially if a single parent, caring for close relatives, working in a family business, working while studying, family background or migrant background
  • Professional potential
  • Financial need, in particular with evidence of the extent and success of applications for other sources of financial support e.g. BAFöG or student scholarships
  • Integrity of the application

extent of the support

The scholarship amounts to € 300 a month initially for one year.


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