Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on the Palucca University and the study programmes

Orientation class, Talented Youth Advance Classes or Bachelor programme: how do I know what’s right for me?

The classes and study programmes are presented chronologically under the heading Degree Programmes. A detailed description of each study programme is given here, including information on the classes and study programmes under the heading “organisational aspects”. The level of classes already completed, not the student's age, is decisive for selecting the right class. Education at the Palucca University of Dance starts with the Orientation Class, covering years five and six, i.e. the first two years of secondary school, giving pupils the best possible start following primary school. The next stage is the Talented Youth Advanced Classes, i.e. years seven to ten, ending in the secondary school diploma.

After successfully completing the Talented Youth Advanced Classes, the students are qualified to continue their studies with the Bachelor of Arts - Dance programme. For older applicants, the Master’s study programmes in Choreography and Dance Education are available, as well as study in Artistic Master Classes.

Is the Palucca University of Dance Dresden a dance school or a university?

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden is a public body. It is a university of the arts with an integrated secondary school as a special feature. Dance education and early studies in the Talented Youth Advanced Classes begin when the students are still of school age.

What dance styles are taught at the Palucca University?

The curriculum is based on the three pillars of Ballet, Contemporary/Modern Dance and Improvisation. You can find out more about the three pillars in the curriculum.

Where can I find an overview of the content of the various study programmes?

You can find all study programmes and their course content under the heading Degree Programmes.

Can I visit the Palucca University and take part in classes?

Unfortunately, only registered students can take part in our classes. You are welcome to visit us on our Open Day (in October) or on the Open Universities Day (in January), to gain an impression of the Palucca University.