Frequently Asked Questions

Questions relating to all aspects of the degree programmes

What does it cost to study at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden?

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden does not charge tuition fees for first degree courses.

Tuition fees are charged for the Masters programmes; the current charge is € 225 per semester.

For the part-time work-study programme MA Dance Teacher the charge is € 750 per semester.

All students also have to pay a semester fee. You can find out how much the fee is, as well as the cost of a boarding place and funding options under the headings fees and scholarships.

I am currently learning German. How well have my German skills to be in order to study at the Palucca University?

The language of instruction at the secondary school is German. International applicants for Orientation Classes and Young Talents Program have to be able to speak and write German fluently. Language requirements for the Bachelor and Masters programmes vary. You can find out details under the heading Information for Foreign Students.

Is it sufficient to complete a language course at my university or should I take an extra examination?

You have to submit evidence of having passed a language examination. The Palucca University does not offer language examinations; applicants must take these examinations before their course starts. Various institutions such as the Goethe Institute offer language examinations.

Is there also the opportunity to take the Abitur?

The children and young people in the Orientation and Talented Youth Advanced Classes attend classes 5 to 10 at the Palucca University secondary school and complete their secondary education with the secondary school diploma. It is not possible to attend an external grammar school to take the Abitur.

Can I just attend dance classes and not the secondary school?


Do I have to live in the boarding school?

No, the boarding school provides accommodation for children and under-age young people who live too far from the school to travel to it every day. Older students may apply for places in the student halls of residence.

Is there a waiting list for boarding places?


And what comes after a career as a dancer?

The degree of Bachelor of Arts – Dance qualifies graduates to apply for other study programmes. For Example the Palucca University offers masters programmes in Dance Teacher and Choreography.