Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on entry requirements and knowledge

What are the requirements for admission to the University? What I already have to be able to do?

The requirements for the different study programmes vary widely. For the Orientation classes, physical, anatomical suitability and rhythmic, musical ability are required, alongside good grades at primary school. Dance training is not required. For admission to the Talented Youth Advanced Classes, on the other hand, previous instruction in dance is essential. The dance level for entry into the Bachelor programme in Dance is oriented on the level of graduates of the Talented Youth Advanced Classes. Applicants for the Dance Teaching and Choreography programmes must also demonstrate teaching ability or choreographic talent respectively. You can find details of the requirements for each class or study programme under the heading Degree Programmes

How can I prepare myself for an audition or first selection?

Each applicant should have a good level of training and be well informed about the requirements of the audition. Each study programme has its own requirements which you can find in the admissions regulations under the heading Degree Programmes.

Do you offer preparatory courses for the first selection?


Is there a minimum or maximum age limit?

Yes, admission to the Orientation Classes is for pupils from the age of 10 onwards (5th school year). Applicants for the Bachelor programme Dance should not be older than 20. The Masters programmes in Dance Teaching and Choreography are specially designed for dancers who are seeking a new direction after ending their career as dancers.

Do I need the Abitur to gain a place on the Hochschule’s study programmes?

No, students with particular artistic talent may be admitted without the general qualification for university entrance.

Do I need a Bachelor degree in order to take a Masters programme?

For the Masters Programme in Dance Teaching, a completed stage dance course with a diploma or Bachelor of Arts degree is required. For the Masters programme in Choreography, many years of practice as a dancer are required.

Do you offer places to visiting students?

Yes, we take a limited number of visiting students and exchange students. If you are interested, please contact the Student Affairs Division directly at

My child is only three years old. Can he/she already dance at the school?

Teaching at the Palucca University begins with class 5, i.e. when the children are 10 or 11. Younger children can gain their first dance experience through the Kindertanzverein Puck e.V. from the age of 4.