Are you looking to further your art as a Choreographer?  Would you be inspired to be pushed and challenged in an interdisciplinary setting?  

The MA Choreography at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, is a two-year, full-time course of study offering the chance to learn new tools and develop your skills on a masters level.  Through the Course, which is a hybrid of theoretical and practical experiences explored through an intertwined structure, compact creative processes and modules offer a multitude of opportunities to further develop your own unique identity as a Choreographer.  
Based upon a flexible module system facilitating the participation in diverse residencies and enabling each to maintain their external contacts and networks, the focus is to challenge each individual through a range of projects and experiences supported through collaborations with various partner Institutions in Dresden, Saxony and abroad.  
Open for Choreographers exploring diverse styles and dance languages, the course ap-proaches Choreography from an inclusive perspective, and the range of Subjects spans from Media Tools, Architecture, Management Skills and Psychology amongst others.  The exploration format is through a combination of seminars, lectures, processes and residencies.
There is a unique opportunity, with a student population of around 150 dancers, to create works and explore processes with the dancers in training at Palucca, who are fluent in ballet, contemporary and improvisation.  A crosspollination between the Choreography, Teacher Training and Dance Programs is emphasised in the Profile of the University.
The Language of the Course is English (Level C1 or equivalent is required) and an inclu-sion of E-learning, will enable a flexible time management and allow Choreographers to adapt the schedule to their personal needs.
As stated in the Law in the State of Saxony, the Board of Admissions has the right to waive the requirement of a BA Degree as an admittance criterion.   Admission is based upon a successful completion of the Admissions Procedure, which is built around the Artistic Portfolio, suitability and potential of the Choreographer as stated in the Admissions Procedure.

Academic Calender and Modules

Duration of Semesters

winter semester: 1 August - 28 February

summer semester: 1 March - 31 July


A semester fee of EUR 503.10 has to be paid by students starting from the semester of the 21st birthday. The others need to pay EUR 455.10.


The course of study lasts two years and 120 ECTS are acquired. The Masters Programme was accredited in 2009.


A "Master of Arts" (M.A.) degree is earned.